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Being Human

Dec 13, 2022

Welcome to Episode 104 of the Being Human Podcast: Do You Need a Diagnosis? w/ Dr. Bryan and Amy Grace

To know oneself is helpful: the more we understand our own patterns, narratives, and parts, the better decisions we can make. How does being diagnosed with a mental health disorder help or hinder our growth in self-knowledge? What does it mean to have a diagnosis, and when is it helpful or unhelpful? Find out in this week’s episode in which Dr. Bryan and Amy Grace join Dr. Greg for a discussion focused around diagnosis* of mental health disorders! 

*Disclaimer: this episode is not meant to diagnose any particular symptom or issue.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The difference between having a true diagnosis vs. characteristics of one;
  • Going to Google for a diagnosis vs. discussing issues with a trained professional;
  • The impact a diagnosis can have on the way we see ourselves;
  • What it means to hold the objective and the subjective together in order to reverence the individual person;
  • How a diagnosis can become a tool for self-awareness and growth; 
  • The danger of thinking we can categorize everything we observe in another person;
  • The difficulty of standardizing observable patterns, signs, and behaviors to facilitate communication between professionals;
  • The role of (and need for) medication in specific situations;
  • How diagnosis fits into IDDM (our model of daily accompaniment); 
  • Recognition of our imperfection as a necessary component for growth. 


Resources mentioned or relevant:

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