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Being Human

Aug 9, 2022

Welcome to Episode 86 of the Being Human Podcast: How Catholic is Your Spirituality? (Certification Series: Part 3 of 12)

This week, Dr. Greg introduces the first course on spirituality in our new Certification, breaking open the topic of integration and its importance in the work of accompaniment. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • How can this Certification help someone to become a spiritual director? 
  • Errors of Cartesian dualism and its impact on both secular psychology and our modern culture; 
  • Integration as the healing medicine for the disease affecting not only modern culture but the Church as well;
  • An introduction to Fr. Benedict Groeschel and how his writings influenced the development of the CatholicPsych model;
  • The overlap between not only spirituality and psychology but biology as well; 
  • How the anxiety or peace we feel in this life is directly related to our spiritual life; 
  • The danger of presenting objective truth in a way that is divorced from subjective experience;
  • Catholic Mindfulness as a practical way to integrate spirituality and psychology. 

Resources mentioned or relevant: 

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