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Being Human

May 31, 2022

Welcome to Episode 76 of the Being Human Podcast: Gender Fluidity or Complementarity? (Part Two)

This week, Dr. Greg continues the conversation from Episode #75 on our purpose in being created as male and female, exploring a Catholic vision of complementarity as ordered towards unity between men and women, and breaking open why we need the opposite sex to attain holiness. (Note: Mature Content)

Discussed in this episode:

  • The Catholic vision of the human person, created as male and female and ordered towards a purpose; 
  • How we are a theology in our masculinity and femininity, with a capacity for fruitfulness stamped into our genetic code from the moment of our conception.
  • Giving the gift of ourselves and receiving the gift of others, and how we are changed through this reciprocity of gift; 
  • Marriage as a path to holiness, and why we need the opposite sex to attain that holiness; 
  • The reason the call to celibacy is a supernatural vocation;  
  • The Catholic “both and” of complementarity and equality; 
  • How the differences in our brain as male and female give us a natural affinity towards certain skill sets;

Resources mentioned or relevant: 

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