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Being Human

May 28, 2024

Welcome to Episode 180 of the Being Human Podcast: The Psychology of JP2: A Bold Proposal

In this week’s episode, Dr. Greg explores a bold new proposal for a Catholic standard of mental health rooted in the psychology of St. John Paul II. Dr. Greg entreats all Catholic psychologists and therapists to mine the treasures of JP2’s Personalism in order to offer hope, clarity, and healing in an increasingly confused and suffering world.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why St. John Paul II’s psychology is more brilliant, effective and important to study than any other psychologist (including Freud)
  • The significance of human dignity and personhood in mental health care
  • How the teachings of JP2 can combat the modern mental health crises
  • Pitfalls of a solely scientific approach to mental health
  • The big difference between subjective criteria for mental health and a clear standard for mental health (and why there is no standard for mental health)
  • Being a Catholic psychologist does not mean simply being Catholic in the secular study of psychology
  • Anyone saying they are doing Catholic therapy should be an expert in both the science of psychology and the philosophy of psychology
  • How a model that integrates the spiritual and material dimensions of the human person offers deeper insights and more effective care compared to secular models
  • Find out how you can contribute to and benefit from a Catholic standard of mental health

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