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Being Human

Mar 28, 2023

Welcome to Episode 119 of the Being Human Podcast:  The Trouble with TikTok

This week, Dr. Greg opens up about the surprising (and troubling) discovery he made while scrolling through TikTok and offers a word of warning to parents about the platform while breaking open three principles parents can follow to guide their children in recognizing their dignity and potential for greatness. 

Discussed in this episode:
  • Moral reasons to avoid TikTok;

  • Three principles that parents can follow to help them deal with the challenges of modern parenting; 

  • Trusting gut instincts as a parent vs. following a communal sense of what is acceptable and good; 

  • The impact of groupthink as shown in studies from social psychology; 

  • The need to prepare one’s children for how to interact with the craziness of our current culture; 

  • When and how to talk to children about their body and how to view and treat the bodies of others; 

  • Children’s inherent desire for truth and capacity for greatness; 

  • Our role and duty to know the truth and share it in our interactions with others; 

  • Pointers for talking with children and teenagers in a way that validates their identity and sense of value and worth;  

  • The importance of finding a balance between the extremes of being overly authoritarian and strict or being without boundaries, structure, or rules. 


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