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Being Human

Mar 21, 2023

Welcome to Episode 118 of the Being Human Podcast:  Catching Foxes Interview w/ Dr. Greg: “Rings of a Tree” (Part 2 of 2)

In this second part of their interview with Dr. Greg, Luke and Gomer from the Catching Foxes podcast open up about personal struggles while engaging Dr. Greg in deeper discussion about Internal Family Systems theory, parts work, spirituality, the use of psychedelics, and more! 

*Mature Content

Discussed in this episode:
  • Is change, healing and growth actually possible?

  • The ways that our many internal parts emerge along with specific “jobs”; 

  • Gomer’s experience in struggling to heal from an addiction to pornography;

  • How the negative spirituality that comes from distorted practices of religion can reinforce cycles of shame;

  • The danger of operating out of our blended parts or identifying ourselves as one of our parts;

  • Interior reconciliation of our parts as a path to integration;

  • Differentiating between objective morality and subjective culpability;

  • Repeated and addictive masturbation as a form of self harm due to shame; 

  • The role of compassion and mercy vs. shame and judgment in changing our behaviors;

  • The danger in over-spiritualizing addictions and trauma;

  • Reasons why a model of Catholic psychology needs to be built on relationship; 

  • What’s missing in the research related to psychedelics;  

  • Psychedelics as a tool to increased awareness that requires accompaniment and relationship; 

  • Dr. Greg’s thoughts on the use of psychedelics. 

Resources mentioned or relevant:
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  • Become a member of the Integrated Life Community to get access to every course Dr. Greg has created, plus the opportunity to participate in Integrated LIVE’s - weekly, Mentor hosted Q&As covering topics like boundaries, communication, trauma, forgiveness, and more!


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