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Being Human

Oct 11, 2022

Welcome to Episode 95 of the Being Human Podcast:  How Broken Is Your Family? w/ Dr. Bryan and Amy Grace (Certification Series: Part 12 of 12)

The Church calls the family the “school of love” - the place where we are formed and where we learn how to be in relationship with others. But what happens when our “schools” do not provide us with a sufficient education? In this final episode in our Certification series (recorded live and in-person! ), Dr. Greg, Dr. Bryan and Amy Grace explore this topic and more while breaking open the content in the fourth-level anthropology course! (Note: Sound quality due to technical difficulties encountered while recording.)  

Discussed in this episode:  

  • What is meant by the term “school of love”;
  • Why we all experience a feeling that things are “not quite right”; 
  • Our resistance to blaming our parents for our miseducation in love;
  • Can those who struggle with infertility or who remain celibate still be fruitful? 
  • Why parenthood should not be equated with having a baby; 
  • Dynamics of parental love that are meant to be an image of God’s love for us;
  • What happens when parents fail to provide selfless love to their children; 
  • The psychological reason spouses should prioritize one another over their children; 
  • The necessity of having both a mom and a dad, and how each is meant to serve as both a complement and a model to their children; 
  • Answering the question “Is there something wrong with me if I grew up in a broken home or without a mom or dad?”

Resources mentioned or relevant:

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