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Being Human

Oct 4, 2022

Welcome to Episode 94 of the Being Human Podcast: How Change Actually Happens, w/ Dr. Bryan and Amy Grace (Certification Series: Part 11 of 12)

Welcome to the second-to-last episode of the Certification series! For this week’s episode, Dr. Greg, Dr. Bryan, and Amy Grace are back together to explore how change and transformation happens, particularly within the Mentorship relationship.

Discussed in this episode:  

  • How healing and change happens in and through relationship; 
  • What is a corrective emotional experience?
  • The importance of differentiating between our emotions and the problematic behavioral expression of those emotions;  
  • Mentorship as a modeling of the parental relationship and a means of revealing God’s love for us;
  • How the rupture and repair in a Mentorship relationship can help facilitate a client’s ability to trust God;
  • “Am I paying you to love me?” The ethics of exchange of monetary value and the importance of growing a company which separates billing and care; 
  • How any investment in intellectual, physical, or psychological development needs to be seen as part of our path to sainthood; 
  • Why people get stuck in a certain developmental stage, and what is needed to progress beyond that stage;
  • The Certification as a means of teaching people how to help others.

Resources mentioned or relevant:

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