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Being Human

Jul 19, 2022

Welcome to Episode 83 of the Being Human Podcast: Ask Dr. Greg! (Q&A, w/ Amy Grace Miller)

In this episode, Dr. Greg is joined by the CatholicPsych content and community manager, Amy Grace Miller, to field questions from the community! How do I overcome sloth? Is it okay that my therapist is using CBT to treat my OCD/scrupulosity? Should Catholics abandon the field of psychology altogether? How do I talk to loved ones who admit to experiencing gender confusion? Plus, more information about how Dr. Greg’s new certification can benefit you! 

Discussed in this episode:

  • Answering questions from the community related to sloth, the field of secular psychology, what it means to be a Catholic therapist, gender confusion, and more; 
  • The importance of viewing questions through a lens of integration, and why it’s difficult to give simple answers to particular questions;  
  • The psychological dimension of our humanity as overlapping both our material and our spiritual being;
  • Are certain psychological theories and/or forms of treatment (i.e. CBT, attachment theory, etc.) okay to use?
  • Clarififying what specifically is anti-Catholic about the field of psychology; 
  • Why an education in psychology alone is not enough for mental health professionals; 
  • The importance of grounding our education in how to walk with others in the philosophy of Pope St. John Paul II 
  • The Church as a field hospital in the midst of the current culture war, and the need for individuals trained in how to adequately care for victims of this battle; 
  • How the certification offered through CatholicPsych can benefit those in various fields and vocations. 

Resources mentioned or relevant: 

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