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Being Human

Jan 30, 2024

Welcome to Episode 163 of the Being Human Podcast: Leading From Weakness: Authenticity in Fatherhood with Bobby Angel

In this episode, Dr. Greg dives into conversation with Bobby Angel, a Catholic speaker, author, and one of our Partner Mentors at CatholicPsych. Bobby shares the challenges of being a husband and a father, and how we are all called to humility, self-reflection, and internal transformation as we serve the Lord in ministry.

They also talk about the impact of technology and gaming on parenting, the need for setting boundaries at home, and the importance of fostering trust, validation and support in the family. He encourages us to rely on the power of prayer, and to entrust our lives to God’s plan.


Discussed in the Episode:

  • The inspiring journey of Bobby and how the CPMAP Certification of CatholicPsych has transformed him to become a better version of himself - as a husband, a father, and a son of God

  • The importance of humility and of recognizing our need for ongoing growth, learning and deepening

  • How embracing vulnerability, turning inward and confronting the uncomfortable and unsettling aspects of ourselves transform how we see our identity and how we respond to God’s call for us

  • How intentionally practicing mindfulness amid our busy lives make us more effective instruments of healing to our family, our communities and in our ministry

  • How fathers are called to become sources of encouragement and trustworthy examples of authenticity and integrity to their children

  • How gaming echoes with our call to holiness, how we can pursue a heroic life and how we can respond to that call both in our virtual and real world as taught by Bobby’s new book, Gaming and the Heroic Life


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