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Being Human

Jan 23, 2024

Welcome to Episode 162 of the Being Human Podcast: Unveiling Grace: A Journey of Redemption and Mercy with Johnna Sullivan

In today’s episode, Dr. Greg had a meaningful conversation with Johnna Sullivan, a missionary in Haiti and one of our Partner Mentors at Catholic Psych. Johnna shares about her joys and challenges as a missionary and how God paved the way for her to discover her purpose in life. 

They talk about the complexity of human experiences, the importance of creating safe spaces for others to share their stories, and the necessity for having a place in the Church for everyone to find healing in chaos. They also address the double layer of invisibility and loneliness that some people experience and the beauty of being able to bring their hidden fears into the light.


Discussed in the Episode:

  • The inspiring missionary journey of Johnna in Haiti which reminds us of how embracing God’s will leads us to life-changing experiences - often unexpected but always in accordance to His best plans for us

  • How guilt and shame caused by sin does not define our worth or our ability to live a fulfilling life and how God’s love and mercy unconditionally redeems us from our brokenness

  • The importance of creating a safe space for vulnerability where people can freely share their stories, overcome their fears, live in the present and move towards healing and growth

  • How offering understanding and compassion to those who are hiding in fear and brokenness can help them heal from the past, rebuild their lives, find their purpose, and bring their stories to God’s light

  • Our call and mission to find God in our own imperfections and to be instruments of hope and healing to those who are struggling with their own stories of brokenness


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