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Being Human

Jan 16, 2024

Welcome to Episode 161 of the Being Human Podcast: Habit Hacks for Real New Years Changes

As the New Year begins, it’s time again to reflect on our resolutions and aspirations. In today's episode, Dr. Greg talked about the psychology behind hacking your behaviors and habits so you can implement lasting changes this year. He also shared research-based insights and practical resources that will help you create a sustainable plan, equip you to take action, and motivate you to achieve transformative growth this 2024.


Discussed in the episode:

  • The importance of constant growth and development, aligning it with the Catholic perspective of embracing change and constant improvement in our lives;

  • An exploration of developmental psychology, drawing parallels between physical and spiritual growth, and highlighting the importance of continual growth throughout life;

  • A Catholic approach to New Year's resolutions, making spiritual growth a priority, and the importance of creating balance and integrating improvements in physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects;

  • A discussion on James Clear's four laws for habit formation–make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy, and make it satisfying–providing a practical framework for implementing positive changes in various aspects of life

  • How incremental changes are key to habit formation–a discussion on the concept of making one percent changes consistently, highlighting the importance of small, sustainable improvements over time;

  • An introduction to Catholic Psych Institute’s New Years Revolution Coaching Program–a one-month daily accompaniment experience for individuals seeking support in their journey towards positive change;

  • An integration of psychological insights with a spiritual perspective in creating sustainable changes for the year, encouraging listeners to embrace the responsibility for personal growth, acknowledging the grace available through prayer, and a desire for positive change.


Resources mentioned or relevant: 


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