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Being Human

Jan 2, 2024

Welcome to Episode 159 of the Being Human Podcast: My Personal Story of an Irregular Situation and Fiducia Supplicans

Fiducia Supplicans, the new document released by the Vatican, and the way Pope Francis addressed questions about the blessing of couples in “irregular” or same-sex relationships has caused controversy and confusion to many. In this new episode, Dr. Greg shares his reflections and insights on this issue to guide us in deepening our understanding of the document, and to help enlighten us on how to respond to this matter in the light of our Catholic faith.


Discussed in the episode:

  • The historical theme of division and mistrust initiated by the devil and the importance of unity and communion in the Church;

  • A deep dive into the document's release on the development of Church teaching on blessings, specifically for couples in irregular situations or same-sex relationships;

  • The fundamental teachings on marriage, sin, and God's plan for sexuality remain unchanged;

  • Gaining perspective on the transcendence of God's presence through the endurance of the Catholic Church for 2,000 years and its foundation on the promises of Christ;

  • The imperfections present in the Church throughout history and the need to recognize the transcendent authority of God beyond human failing;

  • Why it is important to have a closer view of the document and consider the opportunity for it to open a pathway for deeper compassion and understanding, especially for those struggling with same-sex attraction;

  • Why can there be a possibility that the document might provide a pastoral blessing for couples who, in choosing celibacy, seek support, friendship, and a life of virtue and holiness in accordance with the Church teachings;

  • Why it is important for us to find God amid human imperfections, whether in the Pope or the Church, and to seek unity, understanding, and a deeper appreciation for the Holy Spirit's presence in the Church.


Resources mentioned or relevant: 

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