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Being Human

Nov 22, 2022

Welcome to Episode 101 of the Being Human Podcast: Catholic Parenting Amid Cultural Chaos, w/ Dr. Ray Guarendi

This week, Dr. Greg welcomes special guest Dr. Ray Guarendi to the show to discuss the challenges of parenting as a faithful Catholic in today’s cultural climate. Dr. Ray, a clinical psychologist, author, professional speaker and national radio and television host, humorously shares some of the wisdom he has gained while parenting his ten adopted children.

Discussed in this episode:  

  • Meet Dr. Ray Guarendi; 
  • The challenges of parenting as a faithful Catholic in the current cultural climate; 
  • The problem with parenting from a place of fear;
  • The danger in giving unwanted and unsolicited opinions and parenting advice to grown children;   
  • The difficulty with the directive to be “morally neutral” as a psychologist;
  • The one thing people of faith must accept: we cannot look to the culture at large for support;
  • Examples of current cultural messages that don’t support the faith;
  • Review of certain statistics that show how misaligned current culture is with Catholic values and beliefs;
  • Ways to respond to a child expressing gender confusion as a parent or grandparent;
  • How to know when it’s appropriate to step in as a grandparent to broach the topic of gender confusion with adult children; 
  • Fear of causing psychological damage as a barrier to parenting confidently;
  • Self-doubt and lack of authority experienced by parents as a result of the cultural climate.

Resources mentioned or relevant:

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